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A few words on Wallonia

Wallonia is one of the three Regions in the Federal State of Belgium. The other two are the Flemish Region and the Brussels Capital Region. Get to know everything about the communities and regions in Belgium.


Wallonia lies in the southern part of Belgium. It includes the Ardennes, a hilly and green area and a main tourism destination for nature-lovers. French is the main language and German is also spoken in the South-East, but most people speak English too. It shares a border with France, Luxembourg and Germany.


Namur has been the capital of the Walloon Region and its 3.5 million inhabitants since 1986. Namur houses the Walloon Government and Parliament. For more details about the Walloon institutions (Parliament, Government and public services), visit their website Portal of the Walloon Region.

  • the highest point

the Botrange Signal Tower (ROBERTVILLE) is 694m high

  • green

80% of the Belgian forests are located in Wallonia

  • blue

the Meuse river flows through Wallonia, as well as a number of waterways and streams

  • black

a former mining land, nowadays the slag heaps are covered with vegetation. You can still visit a few of the old mines and delve into the country's past. La Chaîne des Terrils.


Wallonia is divided into 5 provinces

  • Walloon Brabant
    South of Brussels. Towns of interest: Waterloo, Villers-la-Ville, Wavre, Nivelles, Louvain-la-Neuve, The Brabant area
  • Hainaut
    Western Part. Slight hills, large beech groves. Towns of interest: Charleroi, Tournai, Mons, Binche, Chimay
  • Namur
    Centre south of Wallonia. Valleys and Rivers. Towns of interest: Namur, Dinant, Han-sur-Lesse, Rochefort, Couvin
  • Liège
    Northeast of Wallonia, very hilly. Towns of interest: Liège, Spa, Huy, Stavelot, Malmedy
  • Belgian Luxembourg
    In the southeast of Belgium. Vast forests abounding in game. Saint-Hubert, La Roche, Bouillon, Orval, la Gaume and Durbuy


Places to visit in Wallonia


Accommodation in Wallonia (Choose from our suggestion of tourist accommodation in Wallonia and Brussels)

  • the larger hotels are mainly located in the cities (Charleroi, Liège and Namur) and in the historical and typical Walloon cities (Mons, Tournai, la Roche, Durbuy just to name a few), but you will easily find a lot of smaller hotels, mainly near tourist locations.
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