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Funkey Brussels, a quirky hotel in Brussels **

Funkey Brussels, a quirky hotel in Brussels
© Funkey Hotel

Totally unusual hotel, situated right next to the European district in Brussels, is sure to take you back to your childhood. It features 35 spacious and personalised rooms.

This totally unique hotel opens it doors to you on rue Artant, in the quiet district of Schaerbeek.

Funkey is a hotel centred on the theme of children and games. Instead of a reception, it has a games room instead! It offers a space for guests to enjoy a great breakfast together with their friends or their children, to chill out and of course, play with all the games provided.

35 rooms to play in

The hotel has 35 spacious, light and colourful rooms with private bathrooms. Each room has its own theme and game. “Chabada”, “Molkky”, “Poker Face”, “the land of the Wonderful” and the “Mascarade” are just some of the themes and games proposed to guests. Each room is also equipped with a mobile phone (to be used as a key) and a computer.

Funkey is a hotel that the whole family will love. Guests will be greeted with a warm, friendly welcome and a personalized service, with all-inclusive and affordable prices. The hotel can also accommodate business meetings at a low price.

Capacity: 72 persons, 36 rooms



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  • tel. : +32 (0) 2 733 23 53


  • tel. : +32 (0) 2 733 23 53
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