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Kids : Discovery

Wavre 1815, relive the battle with your family

Wavre 1815, relive the battle with your family
© Anne Baccus
  • Address:
    Maison du Tourisme des Ardennes brabançonnes
    Rue de Nivelles 1
    1300 Wavre
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Wavre 1815, relive the battle with your family
Wavre 1815, relive the battle with your family
© Gills Demeurichy
Wavre 1815, relive the battle with your family

Can you hear the cannon thundering? Have you seen the men in Napoleonic dress marching through the streets of Wavre?

Its all part of the re-enactments of the battle of 18 June 1815, which take place every year in Wavre.

On the weekend of 2 and 3 July 2016, dive back into the battle with your children as you visit the bivouacs and watch the re-enactments of armed exercices.

The history, told to children

In June 1815, along the Dyle, French and allied forces engaged in a merciless battle.

To commemorate this event, every year on the first weekend of June, the town relives the Napoleonic saga to the sound of beating drums and thundering cannons. Several hundreds of re-enactors, from all over Europe and sometimes even further, set up camp at the entrance to the town and re-enact the battle that marked its history forever.

Infantry, artillery and cavalry all answer the call to arms.

Good to know

In 2016, events linked to the "Wavre 1815" celebrations will take place next to the coaches exit of Walibi theme park.

For two days,
 re-enactments, bivouacs, a parade, entertainment and activities, signings and a historical market will plunge you into the heart of the French emperor's final campaign.

A historical market and an educational area will enable children to discover the costumes, food, objects of daily life belonging to civilians and soldiers alike.

Do not miss the parade through the town centre on Saturday 2 June.

For more information on the re-enactments in Wavre and the activities and entertainment on offer, visit (website in French).

The Grouchy Army Route

Wavre is also starting point of the Grouchy Army Route, a historical itinerary that retraces the retreat of Marshall Grouchy and his troops to France.

Thanks to a route best covered by car and another dedicated to gentle travel of more than 90km that connects Wavre to Givet via Namur, you will discover the places linked to this incredible era, as well as other heritage, natural and cultural treasures.

To find out more, visit (website in French).


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