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Brussels of the 'Bruxellois'

Brussels Sprouts
© og-vision - FOTOLIA

Brussels, close to people's hearts

The Market Square

My stroll starts at the The Grand-Place in Brussels (BRUXELLES), with a close up of this flower stall. Every day, lively colours brighten up in front of the golden façades. On Sundays, my stroll through the markets is full of contrasts: gleaming among the stalls of antique dealers in the Sablon, confusing just a few metres away at the flea market of the Place du Jeu de Balle/Vossenplein. In the Marolles, you will find yourself in the heart of Brussels through its locals. After all, markets are just a pretext to meet people, aren't they?

Windows of creativity

Fine shopping attracts me to tread my way through some of the most prestigious streets of the capital. In the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries (BRUXELLES), and further, Rue Antoine Dansaert, I am enchanted with the most recent creations of Belgian designers (Mode Design Brussels). Man and woman are reinvented. As I go by, I visit small, original shops that typify Brussels while revealing their shopkeepers and clientele. Then in the upper town, along the Boulevard de Waterloo, you will find the famous fashion designers.

Terraces and puppets

Early in the evening sitting at the terrace of a café will fill you with a cheerful atmosphere. That is where the older generation of Brussels mixes with the young and with the tourists creating a joyful contrast.

Wherever I go, the great variety of beer arouses my curiosity. It would take a whole evening to appreciate a Faro, a Gueuze, a Lambic, a Kriek, etc. Among other things I stop also at the ROYAL TOONE VII THEATRE (BRUXELLES) to enjoy the humour of the famous puppeteer.

The Gourmet tour

Brussels offers a lot of fine restaurants. There are more than 200 in my Gourmet Guide. You will discover in Brussels its inimitable crisp shrimp croquettes, "stoemp", Brussels sprouts, ¿américain-frites¿, rabbit simmered in gueuze or local dishes like stoemp and waterzooi. From the simple "mussels and chips" to a starred restaurant, I have always eaten well. It is a pleasure to be able to list so many gourmet restaurants.