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Travel the Napoleon Trail in Wallonia

The Napoleon trail in Wallonia, is an almost 90km trail bursting with history and no less than 150 monuments and museums that evoke the journey of Emperor Napoleon to Waterloo.

Equipped with the presence of good signalling and applications for GPS and Smartphones, the trail invites you to experience the 1815 campaign, from start to finish, and feel on every leg of the journey, the build up to a battle which change the history of Europe.

Browse our interactive map below. You will find the towns and villages which marked this fabulous journey (red dots), as well as some unmissable sites to visit in Wallonia (green dots).

Take the Napolian trail with you on your bicycle or in your car

Hainaut Tourisme Rando also offers you 2 tourist itineraries that have been specially created to help you discover the Napoleon Trail by car or by bicycle via its web portal and mobile app.

Napoleon Trail in Wallonia by bicycle.

Napoleon Trail in Wallonia by car.